September 9th:Dance classes begins (children, adult & pre-dance)
September 21st:National Dance Day 2019
September 30th - October 5th:Bring a friend to dance week
October 25th - 31st:Costume Week - Wear your costume to dance
October 31st:No Dance Classes will be held after 6:00 PM
November 25th - 30th:No Pre-Dance classes held
November 27th - 30th:Studio closed for Fall Break
December 9th - 14th:Fall Pre-Dance classes end (small recital to be held in the classroom)
December 22nd - January 5th:Studio closed for Winter Break
January 6thFirst day of classes in 2020
January 13th - 18th:Winter Pre-Dance classes begin
February 10th - 15th:Sweetest Week - Bring your favorite bear, doll or stuffed animal to dance
March 30th - April 4th:Winter Pre-Dance classes end (small recital to be held in the classroom)
April 6th - 12th: Studio closed for Spring Break
April 20th - 25th:Spring Pre-Dance classes begin
May 4th - 9th:Spotlight Spirit Week! Wear your Spotlight Dance colors
May 15th:Dance Tuition must be paid in full
May 22nd - 25th:Studio closed for Memorial Day Weekend
May 28th and 29th:Tentative dates for Dress Rehearsal at Metz Middle School
May 30th:49th Annual Dance Recital at Metz Middle School (waiting on school approval)
June 6th:Last Day of Classes